Petty By Estella Dawn Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

by Terry Guy

17th January, 2021

Following an epic release of musically diverse songs such as fiery Pop Rock track I Dare You and the Nancy Sinatra-esque Hollow, Estella Dawn has dropped yet another interesting single to add to her unique portfolio of work. Petty fits the mood of deep thoughts and emotional rollercoasters many of us are experiencing during these times, as a result of the world’s recent occurrences. It is a melancholic, piano Ballad that consists of an understated piece of music production, including a simple yet emotive string arrangement, a gently performed melody, and laid-back drum programming.

Estella Dawn’s unique vocal tone throws us back to Birdy’s beautiful, 2011 cover of Bon Iver’s classic, Folk Indie song Skinny Love, during Petty’s blissful verses. On the other hand, Dawn’s voice delves into Fiona Apple-territory during Petty’s slightly sinister, chorus sections, specifically Apple’s Tidal and When The Pawn eras, whilst she sings the profoundly honest words, “it’s taken every part of me not to be petty.” This demonstrates Estella’s talent for delivering vocal contrast, dependent on the character she is playing within the context of her songs.

One of the most beautiful moments of Petty is Estella Dawn’s effortless and masterful harmonies during the second verse, leading into Petty’s memorable chorus, and the higher register of Dawn’s voice is used perfectly, in all the right places, to emphasise the “lonely-heart” narrative of the song.

We have a feeling that there is a huge portfolio of deep, thought-provoking music on the way and we cannot wait to hear more of what Estella Dawn has to offer. Petty is a soothing, therapeutic piece of Folk-inspired music and Estella Dawn is a multi-talented artist you should all keep your eyes on.

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