Peter Jessy Releases Dark Yet Catchy Single ‘Prey At Night’

by Silvia Pellegrino

2th September, 2019

Canadian artist Peter Jessy is back with another single – ‘Prey at Night’ – shocking his fans and listeners with a completely new sound and vibe. His first single, ‘Play Pretend’, was a nice, mellow and catchy pop song characterised by personal and introspective lyrics, but now Peter turned into an experimentalist in the pop area, with darker sounds and more haunting beats.

Starting with a piano intro, the beat drops almost immediately accompanied by Peter Jessy’s warm vocals: “I met you in the dark, you tore my heart apart – and you just watched me fade away”. ‘Prey at Night’ signals a deep growth in the young artist’s music persona, he risked more by writing more cryptic and challenging lyrics, alongside of course changing the direction his music was going in: using more varied instruments – such as eccentric percussions that resemble a children music box – he was able to craft and create a glorious comeback single showing maturity and imagination.

“Got an appetite? Need a sacrifice? I’ll be the one for you tonight”

With a hidden meaning about a relationship, Peter moved the focus of the song from the lyrics to the sounds, especially in the second part of it. Adding autotuned and distorted vocals chanting “see you in the moonlight, and I should be terrified, won’t survive, I’ll be your prey at night”, he established a catchy and easy-to-remember refrain – continuing with an electronic explosion of sounds that fade gradually reprising the initial piano.

Overall it is a very original track, and it for sure left a mark behind. I can’t help but wonder what the young Peter Jessy has to offer in the future.

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