On Grow Up, Exmiranda Questions Common Logic

On Grow Up, Exmiranda questions common logic and the flawed expectations of maturity. She raps about her ideology and takes you on an intellectual and lyrical escapade. If you are the type to impose your will on others, especially based on common logic, be warned time to vamoose. Exmiranda holds no punches, and lets rip.

The instrumentals on Grow Up are light and restrained, the perfect backdrop for Exmiranda’s rhythmic structure’s ebb and flow. Not that it would have mattered as her eloquence is overwhelming. The precision and deft wordplay of the lyrics are rife with double meaning. Well, it’s not surprising when you learn she is transitioning from performing spoken word and poetry.

Exmiranda not only makes her point on Grow Up, but she also does it with style.

It’s an empowering track, and I’ve had it on repeat.