‘Myopia’ Is A Beautifully Honest Album From Rachael Sage

by neonmusic

29th October, 2018

Hailing from the streets of NYC, award-winning multi-instrumentalist Rachael Sage has returned with her 13th album ‘Myopia’. The album, filled with its observations on introspection and personal development, is a beautifully honest representation of emotional growth.

The album starts with a bang with the gutsy and uplifting ‘Alive’. With its optimistic lyrics and enriching, high energy melodies, it sets the tone for the sentiments and vibe of the rest of the album.

Listening to ‘Myopia’ feels like opening the curtains in a dusty and forgotten room, like the first day of spring where you can leave the house with just a jumper, it is the auditory experience of taking a big calming breath. The album is fresh, and invigorating, and encourages the listener to be excited about change and personal evolution.

‘Spark’ and ‘No One is to Blame’ are tracks that invite the listener to live a kind and more gentle existence, whilst one of the final tracks ‘Tomorrow’ helps close the album with a message of hope and a longing for a better world in the future.

The album also features its share of politically influenced tracks, ‘Snowed In’ focuses on Edward Snowden and the paranoia that this case invoked while ‘Maybe She’ll Have Cats’ is a tongue in cheek play on the damaging ‘cat lady’ stereotype. The title track hammers home the overall vibe of the album using the eye condition myopia as a metaphor for society’s often short-sighted approach to diversity and inclusion and advocates for a softer response to difference.

‘Myopia’, to put it simply, is a real musical success. It sees Sage step away from the piano-focused sound of her previous albums and it instead concentrates on her guitar playing ability. ‘Tomorrow is blue sky and the answer to the reasons why’, sings Sage, giving us the kind of optimism that the world so desperately needs at the moment.

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