Myles Castello Paints His Emotion Blue

by Marcus Adetola

22th April, 2020

Myles Castello paints his emotion blue, but you can still bop to it. On Blue, Myles reminisces about a past relationship that went wrong. He sings in hazy mellow vocals to detail his ordeal and referencing colors as a marker of his emotions. Blue on the emotional spectrum can seem so lonely, sad, or forlorn. And, that is what Myles is feeling.

I’m sorry that I hurt you
Lost grip, let you down, wasn’t hands on
Used to believe that I had a red cape on
Can’t come around ’cause your heart got yellow tape on
I never meant to hurt you
I tried to paint a smile on your face
I even tried to switch the palette for a change
So it’s black and white, you don’t want to stay, nah

It’s unusual to listen to a post breakup song that you can dance to, but when you think about it, it’s the best thing that could happen. There’s no point in wallowing in heartbreak. It would probably lead to bad decisions and more heartbreak. Blue is a dope R&B song, though it’s Myles Castello’s ingenuity that stands out the most.

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