Mimi Bay Releases The Vulnerable Single Helium Cowgirl

by Marcus Adetola

6th July, 2022

Mimi Bay Releases The Vulnerable Single Helium Cowgirl

mimi bay navigates the complexities of heartbreak with the mesmerising single helium cowgirl. A delicate and contemplative song evoking powerful emotions as mimi’s soft and vulnerable vocals traverse an atmospheric soundscape. The track is filled with stripped-back instrumentals expressing a deep feeling of loss. Even in its gentle and quiet state, it drowns out every other sound, bringing to light a poignant truth of the end of a relationship. Although helium cowgirl feels like a sad love song, it has remarkable beauty that makes it endearing.

helium cowgirl is about trying and failing to keep someone around and realizing there’s nothing you can say or do to change their mind, like gravity having no effect on helium.” – mimi bay

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