Meta Launches Threads: A New Twitter App Competitor

by Alex Harris

6th July, 2023

Meta Launches Threads: A New Twitter App Competitor

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has officially launched Threads, a text-based social media platform that aims to rival Twitter. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Threads allows users to sign up directly from their Instagram accounts, offering a seamless experience for the more than 2 billion monthly active Instagram users worldwide.

With its release in over 100 countries, Threads has already garnered significant attention, attracting millions of sign-ups in just a few hours, including established music platform Neon Music.

An Overview of Threads

Similar to Twitter, Threads features short text posts that users can like, share, and reply to. However, Threads introduces its own terminology, with retweets referred to as “reposts” and tweets as “threads”.

Unlike Twitter, Threads does not include direct messaging capabilities. Posts on Threads can be up to 500 characters long, almost double the limit of a tweet. Users can also incorporate links, photos, and videos up to five minutes long into their posts, adding visual and multimedia elements to their conversations.

The Instagram Connection

Threads is not a standalone startup; rather, it is built upon the foundation of Instagram, which is owned by Meta. Leveraging Instagram’s massive user base of more than 2 billion users, Threads aims to attract a wide audience seamlessly.

Users can log in to Threads using their Instagram credentials and follow the same accounts, making it an easy transition for existing Instagram users. Instagram’s Chief, Adam Mosseri, stated that Threads is designed for “public conversations,” bringing the features of Instagram’s photos and videos to text-based discussions.

Meta is also exploring the integration of the ActivityPub protocol, potentially allowing Instagram users to carry their followers into Threads.

Privacy Concerns

While Threads offers an enhanced experience compared to Twitter, privacy concerns have arisen due to Meta’s handling of personal data. Meta has faced criticism for its use of personal data for targeted advertising, raising questions about user privacy.

In particular, the European Union has strict rules in place to protect user data, including restrictions on transferring personal data between products. Meta’s previous mishandling of data after acquiring WhatsApp has put European regulators on high alert.

As a result, the launch of Threads in Europe has been delayed until privacy concerns can be adequately addressed.

The Potential Impact on Twitter

With Elon Musk’s tumultuous ownership of Twitter raising questions about the platform’s future, Threads enters the scene as a potential alternative for celebrities, companies, and politicians seeking a reliable communication channel.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his hopes of creating a public conversation app with over one billion users, a feat that he believes Twitter has yet to achieve.

By leveraging Instagram’s user base, Threads has the potential to attract a significant audience and potentially divert advertising revenue from rivals like Twitter.

The Growth of Threads

Within just a few hours of its launch, Threads attracted millions of sign-ups, including notable celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Gordon Ramsay. These high-profile users, along with media outlets like The Washington Post, Reuters, and The Economist, demonstrate the initial appeal and potential reach of Threads.

Exploring Threads’ Features

Threads offers users a scrollable feed of short-form text posts, limited to 500 characters each. Users can enhance their posts by adding individual or carousel photos and videos, fostering richer and more engaging conversations. The platform incorporates content from accounts that users follow as well as recommendations from the platform’s algorithm.

Users can interact with posts by liking, commenting, reposting, and sharing them on their Instagram story or feed. These features encourage active participation and facilitate the spread of discussions within the Threads community.


Meta’s launch of Threads introduces a new contender in the social media landscape, aiming to compete with Twitter in the realm of text-based communication.

By leveraging Instagram’s extensive user base and incorporating unique features, Threads has the potential to attract a diverse range of users, including celebrities, media outlets, and everyday individuals. While privacy concerns have delayed its European launch, Threads offers an enhanced user experience with extended post lengths, multimedia capabilities, and a seamless connection to Instagram.

As Threads continues to grow and evolve, it poses an intriguing alternative to Twitter, potentially shaping the future of public conversations online.

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