Lucid Kidd Drops The Emo-Rap Track Nothing Back

by Marcus Adetola

22nd June, 2022

If you are new to the sub-genre of emo-rap, Lucid Kidd is as good as any other out there, and Nothing Back is one sure to whet your appetite. The 17-year-old Lithuanian artist creates a melodic vibe and feeling of melancholy with the introspective lyrics he weaves to narrate the escape from fake friends. The delivery is sound, and it works flawlessly on the beat. The video also plays a part in depicting the message on the track.

“Nothing Back is a song about the escape from betrayal. It depicts the vampires as these fake people that are always draining your energy and using you. The song expresses leaving all these vampires behind and finding your path, because walking alone is better than being surrounded by fake people. The music video contains lots of colours which represent the escape from the greyness of fake people and becoming your own colourful individual.” – Lucid Kidd

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