Love You Later Romanticizes The Past On PCH Rollercoaster

Love You Later romanticizes the past on PCH Rollercoaster as she reflects on being far from home. The track embraces feel-good pop qualities that come across as sweet. Her mellow vocals ride the electronic instrumentals glimmering with soothing ambient tones.

Love You Later is currently based in Nashville, although she is a Southern Californian-native at heart. So it’s easy to see the pull towards the feeling of nostalgia. She delves into the beauty of memories of home, reminiscing about her experiences. And the emotions involved are tenfold now due to the quarantine happening globally.

PCH Rollercoaster encompasses an abridged sentiment with the yearning for past times which is relatable in many circumstances.

“Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway gives me that safe, free, euphoric feeling no matter the day of the week – somewhere I drive happily alone, windows rolled down, and no destination.” – Love You Later