Look Into The Broken Mirrors By Cannon

by Marcus Adetola

30th May, 2020

Look into the Broken Mirrors by Cannon as he walks you down a nostalgic highway sharing memorable experiences with his family. It’s a laid back lo-fi reflective groove with an exciting instrumental arrangement. The vocals and lyrics on the track are delightful and warm. It mixes soulful and RnB elements to create a unique sound that is catchy and fun, but all the while retaining a modern edge about it.

“I lost my cousin last summer, and seeing how my family came together so quickly and reflexively was what inspired me to write this song. It’s about finding fragments of ourselves reflected back at us from people in our lives. They can look scary and jagged and confusing, but when you put them back together—like a mosaic—you find your center again. “Broken Mirrors” is about taking each broken reflection as it is, a piece of the whole.” – Cannon

Our past can help guide our future. So it does make sense to take time to look at our Broken Mirrors and put them together.

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