Liv Harland Delivers An Honest Account Of A Break-Up In What A Lie

by Terry Guy

11th January, 2021

Following last year’s stunning cover of Dani and Lizzy’s Dancing In The Sky, Liv Harland has dropped her highly anticipated, original debut, What A Lie. It was 100% worth the wait for so many reasons and has made this an instant, 2021 favourite.

Brilliantly written both lyrically and musically, Harland delivers an honest account of the saddest break-up, with the determination to forgive and move on despite how devastating the experience of letting go is. This heartfelt concept is performed with lyrics which will bring you to tears whilst you are reminded of how you were deeply affected by your first love. “And I hope you go to places we were gonna go, now I get to go there alone,” alongside a chord progression from the verse to the pre-chorus section, which has been composed to Pop-perfection.

At the centre of this well-crafted piece of music, which takes you from the “stripped-back” opening to the Electro-influenced world of Kid RAiN’s masterful production, is Liv’s rich, pitch-perfect yet emotionally raw vocal performance and unique style, in terms of the song’s lyrical rhythm and notable UK-accent phrasing.

With ridiculously gifted songwriting skills like this, Liv Harland stands alongside other current, multi-talented Pop musicians such as Julia Michaels and Sody.

Liv Harland is going to a big “hitmaker” name in the industry in no time further to releasing a memorable, catchy Ballad, which could have easily been written for iconic music acts such as Little Mix. If there is any justice, What A Lie will be an instant, Pop classic.

We cannot wait to hear more from Liv Harland – remember where you first heard North Yorkshire’s pop star in the making.

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