Lil Mabu’s Mathematical Disrespect: A Critical Analysis of a Rap Phenomenon

by Alex Harris

23rd August, 2023

Lil Mabu’s Mathematical Disrespect: A Critical Analysis of a Rap Phenomenon


Matthew Peter DeLuca aka Lil Mabu is an 18-year-old drill rapper from New York City who has gained popularity and controversy with his debut mixtape, Double M’s, released in 2022. One of his latest tracks, Mathematical Disrespect, has become a viral hit on TikTok, with millions of users creating videos using the song as a soundtrack. The song is a showcase of Lil Mabu’s rap skills, as he uses mathematical terms and concepts to craft witty and provocative lyrics.

In this article, we analyse the song’s meaning, symbolism, and impact, as well as Lil Mabu’s background, influences, and aspirations as a rap artist.

The Background of Lil Mabu

Lil Mabu was born on April 4, 2005, in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a wealthy and prestigious neighborhood. He attended the Collegiate School, one of the oldest and most elite private schools in the country. He graduated in 2023 and decided to pursue a career in rap music, despite his parents’ disapproval.

Lil Mabu’s upbringing and education contrast sharply with the typical narrative of many New York drill artists, who often come from low-income and high-crime areas. Lil Mabu does not hide or deny his privileged background; rather, he embraces it and uses it as a source of inspiration and confidence. He also acknowledges the challenges and criticisms he faces as a rap artist from a rich family and responds to them with humour and defiance.

The Meaning of Mathematical Disrespect

Mathematical Disrespect is a song that combines mathematical references with urban slang to create clever and catchy rhymes. The song’s title is a play on the term “mathematical respect”, which means to show admiration or appreciation for someone’s mathematical skills or achievements. Lil Mabu twists this term to imply that he is disrespecting his rivals or enemies with his superior rap skills and mathematical knowledge.

The song’s chorus repeats the line “I’m on that mathematical disrespect“, followed by various examples of how Lil Mabu uses math to insult or mock his opponents. For instance, he says “You’re just a fraction of me / You can’t divide me / You can’t subtract me / You can’t even add up to me“. He also says “You’re so irrational / You’re like pi / You never end / You never make sense“. These lines demonstrate Lil Mabu’s ability to use math as a metaphor and a weapon in his rap battles.

The Symbolism of Mathematical Disrespect

Mathematical Disrespect is not only a song about math; it is also a song about power, identity, and culture. By using math as a theme and a tool in his rap, Lil Mabu challenges some of the stereotypes and assumptions that are often associated with rap music and math education. For example, he challenges the stereotype that rap music is unintelligent or uneducated by showing his mastery of math concepts and vocabulary. He also challenges the assumption that math is boring or irrelevant by making it fun and engaging through his rap style and delivery.

Moreover, he challenges the notion that math is exclusive or elitist by making it accessible and inclusive through his rap culture and audience. By doing so, Lil Mabu asserts his power and identity as a rap artist who can transcend the boundaries and expectations that are imposed on him by society.

The Impact of Mathematical Disrespect

Mathematical Disrespect has had a significant impact on both the rap scene and the TikTok community. The song has received praise and recognition from many rap fans and critics, who have applauded Lil Mabu’s originality, creativity, and talent. The song has also attracted attention and controversy from some rap peers and rivals, who have either challenged or supported Lil Mabu’s claims and statements. The song has also inspired many TikTok users to create videos using the song as a soundtrack. Some of these videos are humorous or playful, such as dance routines, skits, or memes. Some of these videos are educational or informative, such as math tutorials, lessons, or quizzes.

Some of these videos are artistic or expressive, such as drawings, paintings, or animations. These videos demonstrate the cultural resonance and influence of Lil Mabu’s song on different audiences and platforms.


Lil Mabu’s Mathematical Disrespect is a rap masterpiece that showcases his lyrical genius, mathematical prowess, and cultural relevance. The song is a reflection of Lil Mabu’s unique background, perspective, and ambition as a rap artist who defies conventions and stereotypes. The song is also a catalyst for various forms of creativity, expression, and learning among different communities and media. Lil Mabu’s Mathematical Disrespect is more than just a song; it is a phenomenon that has left an indelible mark on the rap landscape and beyond.

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