Lil Brows Drops The Compelling FIREBOY

by Marcus Adetola

8th June, 2021

Lil Brows Drops The Compelling FIREBOY

If you don’t know about Lil Brows, it’s time you get to know of this lyricist that has crafted an infectious sound for himself. Fortunately, he just dropped an album FIREBOY, which is straight fire from the start to the end.

FIREBOY consists of eleven songs, and Lil Brows does well to bring his A-game to each of them. Every track brings something new and has a different tempo and vibe. Highlights include FLOAT, UP and FLAMES which combine ethereal soundscapes with slick word play. However, our standout feature is ISO featuring Lithe which takes you on another journey altogether.

“The song “ISO” feat. Lithe – Lithe has been one of my favorite artists since I heard about him in 2019. Getting to work with him has been really cool because it’s someone I actually listen to on a regular basis. “Iso” is about being by yourself, not listening to outside influences and just doing your own thing.” – Lil Brows

FIREBOY is out now.

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