LBVS Meaning: Exploring the Acronym and its Various Contexts

by Alex Harris

12th July, 2023

LBVS Meaning: Exploring the Acronym and its Various Contexts


In the world of internet slang, acronyms are constantly evolving. One such acronym that has gained popularity is LBVS. But what does LBVS actually mean?

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various meanings and contexts of LBVS. From its origins as a casual texting term to its usage in the realms of wine and astronomy, we will delve into the fascinating world of LBVS.

LBVS: Laughing but Very Serious

The most common interpretation of LBVS is “laughing but very serious.” This acronym has become a part of modern online communication, particularly in text messages, social media platforms, and instant messaging apps.

It is used to convey a sense of humour in situations that may be considered ironically funny, inappropriately funny, or even tragically comedic. When someone uses LBVS, they are indicating that they find a particular situation amusing, but they also recognise the serious undertones or consequences associated with it.

LBVS is often used in conjunction with other popular internet acronyms such as LOL (laughing out loud) and ILY (I love you). These acronyms have become a shorthand way of expressing emotions and reactions in the digital age.

LBVS in Popular Culture and Urban Dictionary

LBVS has become a part of modern slang, and it is frequently referenced in popular culture. Urban Dictionary, a crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases, defines LBVS as “laughing but very serious” and provides examples of its usage in various contexts.

For instance, one user on Urban Dictionary shares a story about their grandmother nearly getting hit by a bus, and they exclaim “LBVS” to express their mixed emotions of amusement and concern. Another user recounts a situation where a man slaps a dog, and they use LBVS to describe the conflicting emotions they feel about the incident.

LBVS in Wine Terminology: Late Bottled Vintage

LBVS can also have a different meaning in the world of wine. In this context, LBVS stands for “late bottled vintage.” According to WineMag, LBVS is often used to describe a type of port wine. Unlike traditional vintage port, which is aged for two years before bottling and requires further ageing, LBVS port is released between four and six years after the vintage. Once bottled, LBVS port is ready to be enjoyed.

For wine enthusiasts, LBVS is a term that indicates a specific style of port wine, offering a unique taste and character. It is important to note that LBVS in the wine context is not related to the casual texting acronym “laughing but very serious.”

LBVS in Astronomy: Luminous Blue Variables

In the field of astronomy, LBVS stands for “luminous blue variables.” According to Abbreviations, LBVS are massive evolved stars that are difficult to classify due to their short duration and variable mass loss. These stars, also known as S Doradus variables, exhibit extreme brightness and are typically characterised by strong stellar winds.

Luminous blue variables play a significant role in the study of stellar evolution and are of great interest to astronomers. Their unique properties and behaviours make them fascinating subjects of research in the field of astrophysics.

LBVS: A Designer Brand and Other References

In addition to its various meanings in slang, wine, and astronomy, LBVS is also associated with other entities. One notable association is with a designer brand called LBV, founded by Joss Sackler in 2017. The LBV brand offers a range of fashion products and has gained recognition in the industry.

Furthermore, LBVS is also an abbreviation used for Libreville International Airport, located in Libreville, Gabon. Additionally, it is an acronym for Lake Buena Vista, the area in Florida where Walt Disney World is situated. These references demonstrate the versatility of the LBVS acronym and its presence in different domains.

Using LBVS in Context: Examples

To understand how LBVS is used in context, let’s explore a few examples:

Example 1:

Ben and Penny are discussing a dramatic incident at their school:

Penny: OMG, you picked the worst day to be absent! Daphne found out Tucker was cheating on her, and she punched him in the face!

Ben: Really?! Wow!

Penny: Yeah! She knocked him out and gave him a concussion, and the night before prom, too! LBVS.

Ben: LOL, same.

In this example, Penny uses LBVS to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation (Tucker getting a concussion) while finding irony and humour in it.

Example 2:

Cat and Sam are wine tasting in Napa:

Cat: Ooh, that smells lovely.

Sam: I agree. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. What type of wine is that?

Sommelier: This is one of our nicest LBVs, a port wine.

Cat: I love it!

In this scenario, LBVS refers to a late-bottled vintage wine, indicating that the wine they are tasting is a carefully crafted and ready-to-enjoy port.

Example 3:

Cathy tells her friend Luis what her daughter Megan is studying for her PhD:

Luis: Wow, MIT! That’s an amazing school. What is Megan getting her PhD in?

Cathy: Astronomy and astrophysics. She’s doing her dissertation on something called LBVs, or luminous blue variable stars. It’s very complicated; I really don’t know much about it!

Luis: Well, that’s how you know it’s intense! I’m sure you’re very proud of her.

In this conversation, LBVs refers to luminous blue variable stars, which are the subject of Megan’s research in the field of astronomy.

Using LBVS Appropriately: Casual vs. Formal Contexts

It is important to note that LBVS is a casual texting acronym and should be used appropriately based on the context. It is not suitable for formal or professional communication. While it may be acceptable to use LBVS when chatting with friends or family, it should be avoided in formal settings such as work emails or academic papers.

For example, imagine Cassi receiving an email from her boss, Bekah, who is experiencing travel delays:


I have been in the airport for nine hours waiting for my new flight, and now a chorus of bagpipes is playing in the terminal. I will not be in tomorrow. Please cancel my meetings and reschedule them for later in the week. Send my regards.


In this situation, Cassi should respond professionally and avoid using LBVS:

Hi Bekah,

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear. I will reschedule tomorrow’s meetings immediately. I hope you can have a smooth and restful flight. Let me know if you would like me to hold calls tomorrow as well.



By maintaining a professional tone and avoiding casual acronyms, Cassi ensures clear and appropriate communication with her boss.


In conclusion, the acronym LBVS holds multiple meanings across different contexts. Its most common interpretation is “laughing but very serious,” which is used in casual online communication to convey mixed emotions of amusement and seriousness. Additionally, LBVS is used in the wine industry to refer to late-bottled vintage port and in astronomy to describe luminous blue variables.

Understanding the appropriate usage of LBVS is crucial to effective communication. While it can be used casually in informal conversations, it should be avoided in formal settings. By grasping the various meanings and contexts of LBVS, you can navigate online conversations and appreciate its versatility in different domains.

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