KitschKrieg’s Rainfall Video: A Visual Fusion with SL & Afrofusion’s Midas the Jagaban

by Marcus Adetola

8th September, 2023

KitschKrieg's Rainfall Video: A Visual Fusion with SL & Afrofusion's Midas the Jagaban

Berlin’s very own electronic duo, KitschKrieg, collaborates with Croydon’s Drill sensation SL and the British-Nigerian Afrofusion star, Midas the Jagaban, to present Rainfall. This track is a harmonious blend of diverse musical influences, creating a unified and electrifying experience.

From their latest album, German Engineering 1, which has taken the German music scene by storm and garnered an impressive billion streams, Rainfall showcases KitschKrieg’s exceptional musical talent. The group has been creating ripples in the German music scene, and their ambition clearly extends beyond their homeland.

SL, Croydon’s rising rap star, delivers his iconic melodic rap style. Having previously collaborated with UK rap giants like Knucks and Nines, SL’s contribution to Rainfall is a lyrical delight that perfectly syncs with the song’s heartfelt rhythm.

Enter Midas the Jagaban, the Afrofusion maestro who’s been turning heads with her distinctive fusion of traditional Afrobeats and UK Afroswing. Her chorus in Rainfall is irresistibly catchy, making it an instant earworm.

The accompanying video offers a candid peek into the making of this musical masterpiece, spotlighting both SL and Midas the Jagaban in their creative zones. It’s an unfiltered insight into the artistic brilliance that gave birth to this genre-blending hit. The visuals are as captivating as the song itself, capturing the artists’ genuine connection to the evocative KitschKrieg rhythm.

Midas the Jagaban and SL

Rainfall, with its dancehall-inspired rhythm seamlessly woven into KitschKrieg’s electronic ambiance, delves into life’s profound themes of love, life, and prosperity. These universal subjects are given a fresh twist through the unique lenses of the collaborating artists.

If you’re seeking a refreshing musical journey, dive in and let the musical showers of Rainfall rejuvenate your spirit.

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