Kings Cvstle Inspire Wisdom With Pain In Pages (ft Dia Day)

by Marcus Adetola

15th August, 2021

Kings Cvstle lay bare their soul with the inspirational track Pain In Pages featuring the soulful Dia Day. The London hip-hop duo share a soul-searching experience of their journey to reach new heights in their career. And with a surmountable measure of humility in the lyrics woven on the conscious beat and instrumentals, they make the track easily relatable.

The chemistry between vocalist Dia Day and the twins is apparent, as it is their second collaboration, Each Small Candle being the first. Pain In Pages is reminiscent of a classic conscious hip-hop record, and the boys do well to make it stand out. The track elevates the artists to new heights with its positive healing intention coming straight from the heart to inspire others.

This one is going on our Spotify playlist Staring at the Ceiling for sure.

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