Kat Von D Drops Visuals For Exorcism

by Emma Reynolds

28th May, 2021

Tattoo artist and entrepreneur Kat Von D has been making music for some time after her time starring on LA Ink and owning makeup brand Kat Von D Beauty. She first released the single Exorcism six years ago and now she has curated the video to go alongside it.

Exorcism is a song that plays with electronic synths and drums and falls into that electro-rock category, somewhat similar to Evanescence. The song speaks about being found when you are weak, and being picked up by the person you are infatuated with, later to discover you have fallen so deep for them you can’t find your way out.

“I wrote ‘Exorcism’ after having binged on every exorcist movie that ever existed,” Kat says of her single, “I loved the idea of tying the act of being possessed by something outside your control to what love can sometimes feel like; losing yourself in someone else, and sometimes it leaving you black and blue.” 

The music video is very interesting and personally reminds me of Naughty Boy’s La La La from 2013 with the video following Kat Von D as she picks up multiple strangers on her quest to find someone… or something inside the castle on the hill. The video is set in a dusty, rocky space and Kat Von D is dressed in black oozing mystery and glamour. She opens by saying “He’s up there”, and we follow with the group to find out who “he” is.

On the way; Kat Von D collects a contortionist, two synth players, a drummer and a “secret love”. Everyone is dressed in black, some latex and lace, a very Gothic style and one which fits perfectly in with the stunning castle the group are striving for. The architecture is very beautiful featuring ornate doorways and regal rooms with expensive furniture and fittings, and it is a beauty to look at.

Toward the end of the music video’s journey we see Kat Von D run desperately towards a chair in an empty room of the castle and spoiler alert! “he” is one of her little Sphynx cats who sits majestically looking at the camera, suggesting there could be something more mystic about this furry feline after all in the context of the video… Is he a shapeshifter? Or a cat they all worship?

The music video ends with spookily silent credits all in yellow very similar to that of the credits at the end of The Conjuring 2 once again giving a nod to that horror/gothic genre.

Overall, the vocals are stunning and it’s really interesting to see Kat Von D branching out into a new world of music and it’s exciting to see where she will go with this next.

Pre-order Kat Von D’s album Love Made Me Do It which is out on 14th August.

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