Jim and Sam Release The Poignant Space for the Stranger

by Tommy Docherty

11th July, 2022

Jim and Sam Release The Poignant Space for the Stranger

Los Angeles based husband and wife indie duo Jim Hantf and Samantha Yonack, better known as Jim and Sam, release an emotional piano-driven ballad Space for the Stranger. It was written during the first lockdown of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, which is becoming quite the catchphrase among many indie writers over the last couple of years. However, this was also the same time they both realised Sam was pregnant. As they both came to terms with this revelation, it led the couple to analyse the physical and mental space they needed to make as they prepared for the arrival of their daughter.

all the places we can’t be love
now that she’s lying here between us
making space, making space, making space, making space
space for the stranger

Thus, we arrive at the title track of their upcoming EP. A chilling 3 minutes of simple yet beautiful piano, wonderfully arranged strings, a subtle yet much-appreciated addition of a trumpet and very potent lyricism. It tells a heartbreaking but joyful story of their expected child and how she will grow up in the future. Jim and Sam openly embrace their imminent parenthood but acknowledge that “there will be some day, we’ll be there in the driveway, as she waves from the car driving off somewhere far.”

Overall, it’s an excellently written song that fills the listener with tears of joy and sadness. Look out the EP also entitled Space for the Stranger set for release on 30th September .

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