Leicester-based artist Jafro has been making sound waves in the British music scene for quite some time now. Starting out as an MC he has released his debut EP ‘Peace, Lust & Sauce’ confirming to critics and fans that he is one to watch. The digitally exclusive body of work consisting of 5 songs, highlights Jafro’s versatility as an artist, with his vocals working with smooth, mellow tracks provided by Lowpass Luke and Maniscooler in order to create an atmosphere full of ambiance.

With combinations of RnB, Trap, Rap as well as elements of Reggae subtly introduced throughout, Jafro provides a different environment to what his listeners are used to. With previous appearances made on grime style tracks, this EP reflects how Jafro is able to take a range of tracks and make them his own. One of the highlights of the EP for me was how he used his extensive vocal range, in order to complement and work with the instrumental track in order to further blur the line between instrument and vocals.

You can stream ‘Peace, Lust & Sauce’ here.


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