Isabelle Fries Releases Heartfelt Single Scrapbook

by Marcus Adetola

25th February, 2022

Isabelle Fries Releases Heartfelt Single Scrapbook

As memories become faint, we romanticize the past, wishing for the good old days and forget to pay attention to what lies ahead. Isabelle Fries paints a relatable and vivid picture with her new single Scrapbook.

Isabelle’s voice hits you like a warm breeze on a clear summer sky as it glides surreptitiously on the soft instrumentals taking you back to comforting memories you want to hold on to forever. The warm and heartfelt lyrics provide the perfect guide down memory lane, also propelling you to long for an open heart and a return to innocence.

“This song for me is about longing for the past and the all-encompassing feeling of nostalgia, emotions we almost all surely experience”, says Fries. “Yet at the same time, it’s also about wanting more for your life and knowing that you are capable, even if it means having to fight off the demons in your head, feeling rather than going numb, and that internal battle to get to where you long and belong to be.”

Scrapbook is not just about longing for the past but opening-up oneself to future possibilities.

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