Interview With Contemporary Pop-Soul Pioneer Wyn Starks

by neonmusic

21st May, 2021

Wyn Starks brings a fresh touch to a nostalgic sound with his pop-soul musical style. Influenced by Motown classics and 80s hits he caresses catchy tunes with his velvet vocals. The Minneapolis born musician wants to share the love with his listeners. He says, “I use my music to share a message. This is music that will make you dance and make you feel good, but it says something, too. I’m always exploring who I am as an artist, and I hope these songs can inspire others to do the same.”

We caught up with Wyn Starks to discuss the re-release of his hit song Circles.

How has it been for you to re-release your track, Circles, due to popular demand?
The release of Circles has been awesome. We originally released it almost 2 years ago and I was just starting to get out and perform it live and do more live shows, then Covid hit and kinda halted some things. But the radio response has been amazing. I’ve been getting love from so many people from all around the world. And it’s lead them to a lot of my others releases as well so the response has been great!

How has the reception in the UK differed from the initial reception?
I feel like the response from the UK has been incredible so many people have been asking if and when I plan to come there and do a show. Once everything opens up that’ll be one of the first places I want to come to. I knew that the UK would get me and my sound so I was excited about it being released there.

Your inspirations seem to come from all genres and times; how do you balance it all in your songwriting?
I really want my music to feel timeless and more than anything for it to feel good. I grew up listening to all kinds of music so I love to try to incorporate all the things that have inspired me into what I do. And hopefully, it will resonate with people because it’s from the heart and me.

How do you feel you have progressed as an artist over the last year? How do you think/hope you will continue to progress?
This last year has been one of the hardest years of my life. But music has been the thing that has kept me going. I‘ve been able to reflect and focus on becoming a better me which I hope will make me a better artist. Using all I’ve been through and putting it into this music so that I can touch somebody who needs to hear it. Like it has touched me. I’m definitely not the same person I was a year ago and honestly, I’m still finding out what that looks like. But I want to take people on that journey with me through music in discovering it.

Linger, the new song from Wyn Starks is out now.

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