Interview With Acesiz As He Releases New EP ‘UK to the States’

by Jade Dadalica

18th January, 2019

Meet Acesiz, one of the many talented and driven artists coming out of London this year, and his latest EP ‘UK to the States’ is bound to deliver. His personal struggle and passion shone through each one of his singles, appearing courageous but humble at the same time. Only being 22, Acesiz has already gained an in-depth knowledge of the music industry. While he’s still getting comfortable with his own sound within the rap and hip hop scene, his confidence radiated when I interviewed him, even through the screen of my laptop. With a hefty 16.6k followers on his Instagram, no management or record label behind him, Acesiz is proving that you really can ‘make it if you try.’

If I went into my warehouse at work, sat on a forklift, started rapping and throwing hand gestures all over the place, I’d probably get fired. But for Acesiz, he could pull that off, and he did. With his new music video for ‘Countless Times’ attaining plenty more views each day, it’s clear that I wasn’t the only one who loved this fresh but unusual music video.

The entire shoot was unplanned, I just thought ‘Why not shoot at the industrial estate where I record at’ I’m not a director aha and I’m focused on the music. I just wanted to feed the fans who have been waiting for a video to ‘Countless times’ for six months. Also, who do you know that has a forklift in their video, artists usually use fancy cars, I wanted to be different”.

UK to the States drops on the 18th January. It’s a six-song EP that I made out in Brooklyn, New York when I visited last April for a business trip strictly to network, create content and music. The EP is a collaboration featuring ‘Swayze McGrady’ representing New York, and myself representing London. We want to show how dope the UK and the US sound together on a track.

The ‘AJ Tracey’ sounding artist may well be on his way to breaking America. With that being said, Meek Mill is the first artist he wants to be in the studio with.

If I had to pick one artist to be in the studio with, that would be Meek Mill, hands down no hesitation. He’s been my favourite artist now for over a decade. Otherwise, it would be Lil Durk, as he’s my second favourite artist.

‘UK to the States’ will undeniably be a hit with Acesiz’s fans.

‘Don’t waste my time’ is my favourite track from the EP. It represents the struggles of an independent artist.

Acesiz’s tracks are like a gift that keeps on giving, with songs for the club, getting hyped for a night out or simply just chilling, which proves that his future in music is bright. Acesiz, a name that’s hard to forget.

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