In The Melodic Embrace Of Briskin’s Rhythm

by Marcus Adetola

14th September, 2023

In the Melodic Embrace of briskin's Rhythm

There’s something intriguing about a tune that intertwines sorrow with sound, lifting spirits rather than dampening them. Hailing from North London, briskin showcases this unique blend in his recent single, Rhythm. Tapping into the vibrant hues of R&B, indie, and hyperpop, he weaves a melody that’s as captivating as it is reflective.

Upon initial hearing, Rhythm might strike as paradoxical. It delves deep into the anguish of one-sided love, a theme that’s been the muse for many a poignant ballad. However, briskin’s take is a breath of fresh air. Eschewing the typical desolation, he finds comfort in the rhythm, transforming his sorrow into a foot-tapping number.

The words of the song paint a candid picture of love’s intricate dance. The chorus, echoing “Can’t come play; you’re feeling too low to try,” encapsulates the ache of yearning for an elusive love. However, the recurring line, “I’m moving to another rhythm tonight,” emerges as a beacon of hope, signifying that despite heartaches, the melody of life plays on.

One can’t help but be drawn to briskin’s vocal delivery. His voice, passionate and emotive, traverses the song’s peaks and troughs with grace. It beckons listeners to immerse in every sentiment, from the sting of “Broke my back, Tryna bend for you” to the hopeful undertones in “Her eyes deep as wells, Are my kryptonite.”

briskin Rhythm Song Artwork
briskin Rhythm Song Artwork

The musical arrangement is a masterclass in itself. Anchored by a rhythmic bass, the shimmering synths and robust drums layer to create a sonorous backdrop, amplifying the track’s pulsating essence.

In an era where melancholic tunes often lead us into introspection, Rhythm by briskin emerges as a rejuvenating melody. So when the blues hit, cue up Rhythm and let its invigorating rhythm elevate your mood. After all, who says sad songs can’t make you dance?

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