Ida Hansson Bares All In Elephant Shows

by Lauren Williams

31st July, 2020

Danish/Swedish singer and songwriter, Ida Hansson is a futuristic electro-pop artist with classic Motown and R&B roots… What a combo, right!?

If the sound of that excites you then plug in your headphones and get ready for her new single, Elephant Shows. There’s no questioning that although this track fits nicely into its genre, I think you’ll agree the Ida adds a little more sass and is most definitely representative of where she sees her music going.

Using her past demons; depression and anorexia as inspiration, Ida makes something beautiful in her honest lyrics and classic approach to baring all through music. She’s a role model when it comes to others battling with similar troubles, as her music demonstrates that good can come out of every situation and there’s zero shame in telling the world about it.

The verses of Elephant Shows are melodic and child-like, carefree, and Summery, whilst the chorus shows elements of Ida’s R&B roots, sung with attitude, accumulated with synthetic beats and backing vocals.

I would highly recommend Ida Hansson’s Elephant Shows if you’re looking for a relaxed vibe and chilled out music.

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