IAMTHELIVING and Teon Gibbs Bless Us With Visuals To Distance

by Joel Griffiths

17th February, 2021

IAMTHELIVING’s new track with Teon Gibbs bridges the gap between UK and North America with style. Linking up with the Canadian, we are gifted a garage groove, with some soulful R&B and of course, those braggadocios flows from Teon.

Sounding like a shoo-in for throwback UK sound of the 90’s compilation, Grammy and Juno Award-winning Producer/Songwriter, Chin Injeti must take a lot of credit here. The production bringing distinctive dance vibes to the table. This is their third commercial offering, after Between The Groove and Puppa last year. Both records taking inspiration from the likes of Kaytranada and Goldlink, developing a charismatic brand of dance-rap.

Originally, hailing from South-East London, Rian Peters (IAMTHELIVING) now resides in Vancouver, and believes it’s here that he truly discovered his musical calling. Blessed with an infectious hook, “we can go the distance, I can feel you drifting”, this is a classic garage love anthem in many ways. Teon comes through with a tight verse which articulates all those echoing thoughts that permeate your mind when you first meet a love interest, and the sexual tension that it brings.

The visuals are hazy and dimly lit, featuring the artists and a girl who is the subject matter of the track. The city nightscape sets the background as Living and Teon cruise the city looking for her. A ticking clock acts as a metaphor for the relationship as they anxiously look for each other before coming face to face by the end.

You can catch the visuals to this one above. We would love to know what you think about this collaboration.

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