How Do You Know Is A Tender Track From Plàsi x Aisha Badru

by Emma Reynolds

14th December, 2021

How Do You Know is a powerful music video, accompanied by beautiful and emotional lyrics. This song speaks to those who are still trying to find themselves; wading through the challenges of acceptance that come alongside that journey. Plàsi a.k.a Mikael Bitzarakis is due to release his concept album Foreign Sea on February 4th. This album will reflect on “the world we live in, and what actually matters.” The video for How Do You Know shows a journey that many young people are facing in this world, and although the story may not directly relate to every viewer; the audience to who it does relate, it may resonate deeply.

The video for the song was directed by Maxime Beauchamp who is an award-winning French-Canadian LGBTQ+ director and writer behind the internationally acclaimed short film IRIDESCENCE. Plàsi said about the video; “Maxime saw a perspective through our song that Aisha and I didn’t see when we wrote it. This added dimension gives a deeper meaning to it and shows how the meeting of two art forms can evolve into something bigger than each one on their own.”

How Do You Know is one of the songs to be featured on the album Foreign Sea. Due to the pandemic, and the restrictions that are being faced; the song was worked on remotely, which is completely undetectable and you never would know. Aisha Badru, who also sang on the track and her beautiful, airy vocals are mesmerising and create such a thick, contemplative atmosphere about our challenges, and struggles. Plàsi says “I’m amazed at how well you can do things long-distance, digitally, if you just try it.”

Foreign Sea was recorded initially on the Island of Gotland in Sweden, then made its way to the historic region of Peloponnese in Greece. In both of these places, the group set up pop-up studios in little, cosy homes, capturing the unique sounds of their locations. The album was curated alongside the Hasselberg brothers; Linus Hasselberg and Hannes Hasselberg; two very talented Swedish brothers. The album will surely be a stunning mix of sounds and will relate to people who are going on an emotional journey no matter where they are.

How Do You Know is a beautiful, soft track, which will be an amazing addition to your winter playlist this holiday season.

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