Honest Storytelling From Ciara Vizzard With ‘Is It Okay’

by Montana Tallentire

17th September, 2019

“Is It Okay comes from a genuine place”

Ciara Vizzard’s latest single ‘Is It Okay’ is a warm and energetic production of music that will break your heart and then build it back up again. With Vizzard addressing the conflicting emotions surrounding heartbreak stating: “The song is about being honest about mixed feelings, knowing a particular situation isn’t right for you but still finding it hard to let go of what it represented.

The song commences with a soulful guitar riff, while an uplifting drum beat presents itself further into the piece. Music Producer, Nosa Apollo (who has also worked with Ella Mai, Craig David, and Mabel) provides a sense of confliction within the listener’s mind as the upbeat, warm pop landscape intertwines between the harrowing notion of wanting someone back that isn’t good for you.

“I let the emotions come out in a song”

That being said I think the relationship between the two elements created by Vizzard and Apollo works wonderfully and keeps the listener engaged from the offset.

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