High Is An Adrenaline Rush From Hattie Oates

by Beth Shipley

29th May, 2020

High Is An Adrenaline Rush From Hattie Oates

High Is An Adrenaline Rush From Hattie OatesIt’s hard to believe this powerful artist is only the tender age of 16. Hattie Oates’ new single Hightakes an unexpected turn with the tense, pounding second half of her track, revealing new depth and grittiness. The tone shifts in High when there is a sudden dark, crashing tone. This is a dramatic change from the beginning of the track where Hattie’s pretty, acoustic intro makes you think a mellow, soft-sounding, indie newbie will be dominating the track.

High is a song about having a crush and how those butterflies flood your body, leaving you with a sickly, exciting feeling. The rapid change in style perfectly mirrors the premise of the song. Hattie’s quick lyrics turn with a slight sexy sound; a powerful, mysterious hit. Hattie dips back into the gentle acoustic twangs while continuing to unravel the layers of her textured track.

It’s unsurprising Hattie Oates has produced such a mature track as she taught herself how to play the guitar age ten. She is clearly an impressive and talented young artist to watch.

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