Heather Jayne Unveils Her Stunning Debut EP ‘Shadows’

by Montana Tallentire

27th July, 2018

Discovered on the hit show ‘The Voice’, singer-songwriter Heather Jayne has already released four powerful singles this year alone, whilst also performing at the Royal Albert Hall and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has recently unveiled her debut EP ‘Shadows’ indicating that 2018 is the year to watch out for this rising artist.

With the body of work beginning with the sounds of echoing guitars and thriving basses, it immediately sets the tone of a dark atmosphere that listeners immediately are captivated by. The title song ‘Shadows’ tells the story of a group seeking revenge against the people who wronged them, set over sharp guitar lines and electronic handclaps listeners are immediately drawn into the haunting chorus. On top of this, the retro-synths create an air of ambiance that compliments her rich vocals carrying us throughout the piece thus, in turn, creating her signature atmosphere of mystery.

As you progress further into the EP you come across the softer sounding ‘Prize’ which juxtaposes the opening song ‘Shadows’. This illustrates the 19-year olds softer, delicate side showing her versatility as an artist.

Stream ‘Shadows’ here.

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