Gillian Krystal’s Sidewalk Chalk is A Rain-Washed Ode to Resilience

by Marcus Adetola

28th August, 2023

Gillian Krystal's Sidewalk Chalk is A Rain-Washed Ode to Resilience

Music, in its most ethereal form, offers solace. It’s the comforting embrace on a cold night, the gentle whisper amidst chaos, and the soft glow in the darkest of times. Gillian Krystal’s latest indie-pop offering, Sidewalk Chalk, captures this very essence. Hailing from New York and now serenading Nashville with her soulful tunes, Krystal crafts a narrative that’s as fleeting as chalk drawings on a sidewalk yet as enduring as the spirit of resilience.

Gillian Krystal Sidewalk Chalk song cover
Gillian Krystal Sidewalk Chalk song cover

The song begins with picturesque imagery: “I drew a house and put you in it, coloured in the roses red“. Here, Krystal paints a world of innocence and nostalgia, reminiscent of childhood days spent drawing on pavements. The delicate guitar acoustics and piano in the background transport you to a serene suburban neighbourhood, where pastel dreams are born behind picket fences. But just as quickly, the narrative shifts with the lines, “I shouldn’t have drawn the sun so close, Names in hearts always get broke.” It’s a poignant reminder of the impermanence of life and love.

The chorus is where Krystal’s lyrical prowess truly shines. “As soon as it rains, It’s gonna wash away,” she sings, evoking the transient nature of emotions and experiences. The “rainbow river running right into the drain” is a beautiful metaphor for fleeting moments of joy and sorrow, seamlessly flowing into the vastness of life’s experiences. The recurring theme of rain not only symbolises cleansing but also the inevitability of change.

In the second verse, Krystal’s voice, complemented by the ethereal melodies of the violin, resonates with hope. The “big storm” she sings of is both a literal and metaphorical cleansing, making way for a fresh start. And as she hopscotches “all the way to ten,” we’re reminded of the childlike wonder and resilience that often get lost in the mundanities of adult life.

The song’s bridge, “I’ve had to reinvent myself a thousand times, so tomorrow I’ll use purple for the sky,” is a declaration of self-renewal. It’s about breaking free from conventions and daring to dream in technicolour, even when the world is painted in shades of grey.

Sidewalk Chalk is a song that takes you on a journey through the alleys of memory, the boulevards of dreams, and the crossroads of introspection. Gillian Krystal, with her soulful vocals and evocative lyrics, reminds us that while life’s moments may be as temporary as chalk drawings on a pavement, the essence of those moments, the lessons learned, and the spirit of resilience are etched in stone.

So, the next time it rains, remember: it’s not washing away your past but paving the way for a brighter, more colourful tomorrow.

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