General Pype Returns With Uplifting Anthem Blessed & Ready

by Marcus Adetola

15th July, 2022

General Pype Returns With Uplifting Anthem Blessed & Ready

Returning to the music game after a brief hiatus is sometimes telling with signs of rustiness from an artist. However, it’s not the case with pioneering Nigerian reggae/dancehall artist and songwriter General Pype on his new single Blessed & Ready.

It’s like General Pype never stepped away. The track opens up with marching drums and a tribal chant that evokes feelings of empowerment, on which Pype delivers inspiring lyrics with a measured and assured cadence. The track is anthemic and captivating with multilayered instrumentation and powerful vocals.

Blessed & Ready is a fine blend of Afrobeats and dancehall that is catchy and uplifting. With this kind of comeback, you are rest assured General Pype has some more bangers cooking.

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