Gavin Holligan Releases Timeless Song No Man Is An Island

by Emma Reynolds

19th March, 2021

Gavin Holligan Releases Timeless Song No Man Is An Island

A stunning vibrato is the first thing that I think of when I hear this beautiful track No Man Is An Island from ex-professional football player Gavin Holligan. The story goes that when Holligan was on his way to training for West Ham United FC he heard the news of the rise in youth crime in the UK and it disturbed him. Holligan chose to express his emotions through song despite his usual profession being football. His music is almost spiritual in its sound.

The song is earthy from the gentle guitar strings to the playful piano keys and the verbal visuals created by Holligan’s lyrics. The song tells of no man being an island, in this respect referring to the loneliness felt by many around the world. No one should feel isolated nor are they isolated. My interpretation of the song is that there is someone there to support you in this world.

“When you are weak, I will be strong, I’ll pick you up each time you fall, I’ll be your brother. I’ll help you in your time of need, I’ll be a friend to you indeed, I’ll be your brother’”.

During these unprecedented times, a song like this is sorely needed and the joy of uplifting lyrics can be the message someone needs to hear. 

Holligan turned his back on the world of sport after signing with West Ham United FC and he began to perform with musical powerhouses including Gloria Gaynor, Jocelyn Brown, Stevie Wonder, and Duffy. There is seemingly no end to Holligan’s musical talents; he has been a writer for other artist hits such as Fly Again by Stooshe and Sirens by Arrow Benjamin. 

Holligan is a pleasure to listen to and his music is like the soundtrack of modern times. As well as the No Man Is An Island track, he released a single in 2018 entitled More Than One and featured on dance track DJ Riva Starr’s latest single If I Could Only Be Sure which is a personal favourite. 

No Man Is An Island is a beautiful and timeless track that is prevalent during these current times. With his stunning vocals and delivery, Gavin Holligan is sure to gain momentum in his music career. 

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