FRISCO Drops BLACK MAN In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

by Marcus Adetola

25th June, 2020

UK artist FRISCO drops BLACK MAN in solidarity of the Black Lives Matter movement. He bears his heart, not missing a step with sublime lyricism on a vine of introspective instrumentals, narrating the plight of the black man in society today.

Frisco delves deep and holds no punches back on the current situation sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of US police officers. However, he goes further with clarity identifying the situation as not an isolated one, but one prevalent in society. It’s high time everyone stands up against injustices in the world regardless of colour, race, or creed.

Frisco is standing tall and proud of what he believes in. What are you standing up for?

“I wouldn’t feel right releasing any other song than this one given the current state of the world”  – Frisco

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