‘Flatline’ Is A Sultry Electro-Pop Single From Laelia

by Terry Guy

12th August, 2019

Having previously worked with underground Electro producer Inu The Strange on catchy songs such as ‘Television,’ we were anticipating new music from the unusually talented Laelia. The sexy diva has now dropped one of her best singles to date entitled ‘Flatline,’ which delivers a superb Synth production in the vein of the unique RedOne, specifically his collaborative work with Pop icon Lady Gaga.

It is no surprise that Laelia has followed in the footsteps of fellow Synth Pop-heads such as Carly Rae Jepsen who made 80’s Pop production trendy again, and it is where Laelia fits right at home…as the new Synth Pop princess. On this occasion, with the singer’s new single ‘Flatline,’ she delivers a dramatically powerful chorus, which could easily stand alongside powerhouse voices such as Celine Dion and Cher when they have specifically gone in a Dance music direction. However, despite its glittery synths and reverb-effected keyboard sounds, which would usually send the listener into a meditative state, Laelia ensures, via a minor chord structure and the occasional sultry tone of Lana Del Rey, that you are instead thrown into a much more darker space, especially when her demonic persona breaks free during Flatline’s main hook. ‘

‘Flatline’ could easily be compared to the critically acclaimed, earlier Alternative works of Depeche Mode, and I highly recommend that you keep an eye out for Laelia’s exciting, upcoming visual project entitled ‘Goddess,’ which tells a story of female and LGBTQ empowerment.

‘Flatline’ by Laelia is out now.

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