Find Freedom In The Pop Rock Anthem Of Space By Eleven Point Two

by Marcus Adetola

1st February, 2024

Find Freedom in the Pop Rock Anthem of Space by Eleven Point Two

Space by Eleven Point Two feels like a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of emotional turmoil, wrapped in a pop-rock package that’s invigorating. Taylor and Jon Siegel, the brotherly duo behind this Los Angeles-based outfit, have crafted a tune that’s as much a cry for personal breathing room as it is a vibrant musical escapade.

Space is a pop-rock anthem, exploring the all-too-familiar feeling of being bogged down by life’s demands. With lyrics that do not shy away from the gritty reality of this struggle, they tap into a vein of existential angst that’s relatable and understandable.

Eleven Point Two Escape Velocity album cover
Eleven Point Two Escape Velocity album cover

This isn’t about teenage heartbreak or fleeting love; it’s a raw look at the desire to live authentically, unencumbered by the expectations of others.

Space is the fifth song from their recently released album Escape Velocity, now out on Spotify.

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