Find Comfort In The Lush And Dreamy Single Desperate Times By Brooke Williams

by Marcus Adetola

5th July, 2021

Brooke Williams enchants with the dreamy single Desperate Times, the perfect elixir for the lovesick and heartbroken. She dreamily sings of the relatable complexities of a breakup for the lovelorn.

Imagine putting your time and energy into a relationship, living with that euphoric feeling of being in love. Then only for that feeling to be snatched away unexpectedly in a twisted fate of cupid reversed. You are left completely broken. Brooke captures this feeling vividly with her soothing vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

“I wrote Desperate Times with two friends after going through a bad breakup during the pandemic last year. The relatable concept talks about a person ending a relationship, but then being desperate enough to come crawling back“. – Brooke Williams

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