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‘Faith’ is the addictive new single from the brilliant singer-songwriter tiLLie, which is inspiring hope in abuse survivors across the country.

Only five seconds in and the backing track fits the criteria for a holiday advert on TV perfectly, making me picture a couple holding hands on a sandy beach or a beautiful green landscape. For abuse victims, this proves that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Following the buzz of her breakout EP that landed her on the Vans Warped Tour, the Annie Mac show on BBC Radio 1, and on the video game ‘Rock Band’ it’s safe to say that tiLLie is making a name for herself.

With her new single ‘Faith’ allowing us to enter a stage in her life through her lyrics, the Charli XCX sounding singer explains, “I wrote my new single ‘Faith’ as a way of transcending a dark chapter of my life. After leaving the abusive relationship detailed in my previous EP, the trauma still haunted me and at times, justice felt damn near impossible. Faith is not about giving up the plight for justice, but remaining confident in the fact that shitty people will eventually show their true colors and bring upon themselves the karma they deserve.

The alternative pop song captures you with lyrics such as “Yeah I’ve got Faith” sung with such confidence that it will wake you up and make you feel determined on a gloomy Monday morning.

Catch the talented tiLLie on tour with the Cherry Pools in the USA from March 6th.

‘Faith’ is the first single from tiLLie’s upcoming EP out this Spring.

Stream ‘Faith‘.

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