Erez Zobary Releases Blue (For Now) A Sublime Contemporary soul Ballad

by Marcus Adetola

2nd July, 2020

Erez Zobary releases Blue (For Now) a sublime contemporary soul ballad reminiscent of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Erez paints a vivid picture of self-reflection that blossoms with the timeless quality of her vocals. It intertwines soulfully and delicately with the plethora of sparsed melancholic instrumentals.

Blue (For Now) is layered with honest personal lyrics that make it come alive and resonating. Every facet of the song is an emotional toggle that swings smoothly jostling in a controlled fashion for dominance. However, each musical element supporting every section of the song intricately. In turn, it enhances the delivery and timeless quality of Erez Zobary. By the way, we love the sax on the track.

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