Eiza Murphy’s Debut Black Hole Is A Dark Love Song That Reflects The State Of The World

by Emma Reynolds

23rd October, 2020

Eiza Murphy's Debut Black Hole Is A Dark Love Song That Reflects The State Of The World

A gentle opening and earthy vocals enter us into the world of Eiza Murphy’s debut single Black Hole. It is a dark love song inspired by the devastation and hard-times we are currently experiencing in today’s climate which she said: “weirdly I wrote just before the pandemic hit”.

There’s a lot of chaos in this stillness” Eiza sings as she speaks of overcrowded cities that are in their own way still vacant in so many ways. The song seems to directly relate to how we all feel so stuck in our world at the moment but how love will prevail over all, “If a black hole should swallow us, I will hold onto your soul until it’s done”.

Black Hole is a very dark yet beautiful portrayal of the power of love that I think we all feel every single day – especially in the here and now.
Eiza Murphy reminds me of artists such as Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, and Jessie Ware with her stunning gentle voice and airy tones.

It is clear from this track that the up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Cork, Ireland will create immersive and experimental pop music with indie flare and it is going to be exciting to see what she brings forth in the future.

There are definitely emotions in the song that I think people will connect with”. And this could not be more true as I was so moved by the haunting lyrics in the song. Eiza Murphy acknowledges that by no means is the world ending but there is that uncertainty that we are all involved in and I think many artists will be exploring this theme of dark love in time.

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