Echoes Of The Heart: Unravelling Loveless By Wass

by Marcus Adetola

7th February, 2024

Echoes of the Heart: Unravelling Loveless by Wass

Loveless by Wass echos through the hollows of heartbreak, dancing in the dim light of introspection, swaying between the silhouettes of love’s aftermath and self-reckoning. The Brooklyn-based indie-pop artist crafts a narrative so raw and relatable that it doesn’t shy away from pointing fingers, yet the mirror reflects the most poignant accusations back at herself, grappling with the notion of being undesired and perhaps unlovable.

Wass’s vocal delivery, smooth and haunting, carries the weight of her words with a grace that belies the turmoil beneath. The production, tinged with nostalgia and melancholy, wraps around the lyrics, offering comfort amidst the emotional unrest as Wass navigates the treacherous waters of self-doubt and loneliness with a deftness that invites listeners to dive deep into their own experiences of love and loss.

Wass Loveless song cover
Wass Loveless song cover

And in this voyage, Wass proves to be an empathetic guide, reminding us that in the echoes of loveless moments, we might just find a new understanding of ourselves.

When Jack and I were writing this track, I was unsure where I wanted to take the lyrics. We did so many passes and nothing felt right. I was listening to Lorde’s ‘Hard Feelings/ Loveless’ and became obsessed with the “loveless” part of the song. I kept repeating the word and figuring out if it should be about loving less or being loveless. I realised it needed to be both because those emotions usually go hand in hand.” – Wass

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