Dua Lipa Continues To Prove Why She Is Britain’s Most Exciting Popstar

by Lewis McNair

20th November, 2019

From nightclub door girl to a 2 time Grammy winner – the rise of Kosovo born British pop sensation Dua Lipa was meteoric on her self-titled debut. Her critics would say too fast in fact – how on earth did this girl go from walking down Carnaby Street to one of the world’s biggest pop stars in what seemed like only 5 minutes? ​

It’s a mixture of the power that the British Music Industry as a whole can STILL command around the globe and the sheer pop-tastic talent of Dua that has accomplished it all. She is everything Rita Ora should have been – Jay-Z’s team MAJORLY dropped the ball on that one.

​What is so exciting to see is as the star begins her new “era” with lead single ‘Don’t Start Now’ is that this act still seems so fresh and relevant in 2019 pop. ​

The first cut of the sophomore (due early next year) has been described by Billboard as “impressive” calling her comeback “long-awaited” while Caitlin Kelley from Forbes described the song as “disco-inflected strings warping into a club banger”.​

It’s pure pop cool – also Dua’s Graham Norton performance recently was fabulous, putting to rest any critics that this act does not deliver the goods.

Maybe Britain has finally found its answer to Katy Perry, (circa 2012) as in being a global act that is capable of producing 4-5 massive worldwide singles a year. Sure, this pop talent still has a long way to go to prove her staying power, but so far everything looks like it’s going to plan. ​

Congrats to all her team involved, let’s try to get some more Mark Ronson cuts and keep pushing this.

We’ve got something good going here – please don’t mess this one up! ​

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