Dominoes By Unknown Venus: A Lo-Fi Lament In The City of Angels

by Marcus Adetola

11th May, 2024

Dominoes by Unknown Venus: A Lo-Fi Lament in the City of Angels

Los Angeles-based Unknown Venus is a singer, songwriter, and harpist whose music paints a more introspective portrait.

Her latest alt-pop offering, Dominoes, is a sonic postcard from the heart of LA, capturing the raw emotions that often simmer beneath the city’s glamorous facade.

Unknown Venus Dominoes song cover
Unknown Venus Dominoes song cover

This alt-pop gem is a sonic oasis where laidback soundscapes and expressive vocals, laced with a wounded delivery to convey tales of heartbreak, intertwine in a hypnotic dance, evoking a sense of nostalgia that envelops you like a warm embrace.

From the opening notes, a fuzzy, lo-fi ambiance permeates the sonic landscape, with reverb-drenched instrumentation creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

It’s a sonic canvas upon which Unknown Venus paints vivid tales of open-heartedness and vulnerability, her wounded delivery resonating with raw authenticity.

The lyrics of Dominoes delve into themes of loss, self-discovery, and the bittersweet journey of moving on.

Lines like “I’ll be playing dominoes in the park, running barefoot in the dark” evoke a sense of carefree abandon amidst the turmoil, while “Forced my breakthroughs, no, I can’t thank you enough” hints at the painful yet necessary process of personal growth.

The track’s raw honesty and unfiltered emotion make it a relatable anthem for anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of life’s unpredictable journey.

In Dominoes, Unknown Venus, a multi-talented artist just beginning to share her work, showcases remarkable depth and maturity.

Amid the hazy sonic tapestry, Unknown Venus’ vocals soar, her emotive delivery imbuing the track with a palpable sense of catharsis.

Dominoes is a masterful fusion of genres where alt-pop sensibilities meld seamlessly with elements of dream-pop and indie-folk, creating a captivating sonic landscape.

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