Discover Self-Love With Capricorn Be Like By Trav B Ryan

by Marcus Adetola

29th December, 2020

Discover self-love with Capricorn Be Like by Trav B Ryan. Guitar acoustics invitingly draw you onto a dreamy and emotional plane of existence, where you are inspired with feelings of confidence, seeing the best version of yourself. It piqued my curiosity to want to know all about Capricorns, and I didn’t have to wait to find out all I needed to know about the horned goat. Trav B Ryan takes you through a journey of self-discovery while relaying characteristics of a Capricorn in a lush setting with self-assuring lyrics on a bed of intoxicating instrumentals and an infectious hook. The New York based artist poignantly paints a picture-perfect ideal of Capricorns with sugar-sweet qualities that are comforting and self-defining. You don’t have to be a Capricorn to relate to the message and enjoy the syrupy vibes.

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