ANZU releases new EP ‘Without Love Vol. 1’ featuring a mix of live instruments crossed with various styles of sampling. They are an exciting duo to watch out for with their fusion of electronic, funk, and house.

An electronic music duo from Edmonton, ANZU was formed in 2012 by Simon Belanger and Jesse Silkie. They describe their music making process as “Building a track out of a bunch of really short, unrecognizable samples and making something brand new out of them was a new challenge for us that helped us evolve our sound.”

ANZU worked with Sam John at Precise Mastering in London on ‘Without Love Vol. 1.’ He has collaborated with artists including Justice, Chemical Brothers, Robyn, and Boys Noize and mastered the tracks while the duo produced, recorded and mixed them themselves.

ANZU says, “Our music is heavily inspired by French house music and incorporates elements of disco, electro, and synth-pop“. The EP ‘Without Love Vol. 1’ consists of 5 tracks, all very different but so similar at the same time, I think this is why I feel this album is a one of a kind, and to be added into the history books. The first thing you notice when the album starts is the immediate mix of samples and the instruments, as you have the keyboard that carries on all through it, with the constant driving drum beat, that is in the background which is what sets it aside as a dance track.

The overall feel of the project is very upbeat and has a 90’s disco vibe about it. ‘Without Love Vol. 1.’This EP is very special and I believe it will steal its way into the big club scene very quickly.