Dezabel’s Single ‘When It Comes To You’ Is A Tribute To Friendship & Trust

by Marcus Adetola

19th February, 2020

Dezabel’s new single ‘When It Comes To You’ tells the story of finding comfort in a trusted partner that is always there for you regardless of what you are going through. Someone who understands you – that friend or partner who makes you feel you can touch the sky and nothing is impossible.

Dezabelis songwriter and producer Bilgi who gained his musical background back in the ’90s at the ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music). He furthered his experience at Berklee College of Music studying Songwriting and Music Production and collaborates with songwriters from the UK and USA.

The song is heartfelt, sincere and something that we hardly hear these days. The vocal performance on the track is good and it compliments the production well. ‘When It Comes To You’ is a radio-friendly slow jam – 90’s RnB at its finest. They don’t make em’ like this anymore!

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