DD Osama: The Rising Rap Star Who Turned Tragedy Into Triumph

by Alex Harris

8th April, 2023

DD Osama: The Rising Rap Star Who Turned Tragedy Into Triumph


The rap scene in Harlem, New York City, is known for producing some of the most influential and talented artists in the history of hip-hop. From legends like Big L and Cam’ron to newcomers like A$AP Rocky and Dave East, Harlem has always been a hotbed of creativity and innovation. But among the many rappers who call Harlem their home, one stands out in this generation for his remarkable story of resilience and determination: DD Osama.

DD Osama, whose real name is David Reyes, is a 15-year-old rapper who has been making waves with his singles such as ’40s N 9s’, ‘Dead Opps’, and ‘Upnow’. He has amassed over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 800,000 listeners on Spotify, and millions of views on his music videos. He has also collaborated with other rising stars like Coi Leray, Lil Mabu, and Woo Reyz. But behind his success lies a tragic and painful past that shaped his music and outlook on life.

Emergence in the Rap Scene

He is the younger brother of Notti Osama, another Harlem rapper who was killed in a stabbing in 2021. Notti Osama was only 14 years old when he died, leaving behind his family and friends who mourned his loss. DD Osama was very close to his brother, and it was his brother who got him interested in rapping as a career.

After his brother’s death, DD Osama was devastated and depressed. He felt like he had no purpose or direction in life. He said in the lyrics of the song called ‘Letter 2 Notti‘: “I don’t wanna live no more / I just wanna be with you / I don’t wanna see no more / I just wanna see you too”. He also struggled with anger and resentment towards the people who took his brother away from him. He said in another song called ‘Dead Opps’: “I’ma kill ’em all / I don’t care about the law / They took my brother from me / Now they gotta pay the cost“.

However, instead of giving up or succumbing to violence, DD Osama decided to channel his emotions into his music. He said in an interview with Genius: “Music is my therapy. It helps me cope with my pain and express myself. It also keeps me motivated and focused on my goals.” He also said that he wants to honour his brother’s legacy and make him proud. He said in a song called ‘MIA’: “I’m doing it for my brother / He watching over me / I know he smiling down on me / He see me on TV“.

DD Osama’s music reflects his raw and honest feelings about his life experiences. His lyrics are savage, venomous, and unapologetic. His flow is fast, furious, and relentless. His beats are hard-hitting, catchy, and energetic. His style is unique, original, and authentic.

The Harlem native’s music is not just about personal struggles and hardships, but also about larger societal issues. DD Osama’s album, ‘Letter 2 Notti,’ shows his commitment to speaking out on behalf of his community. The album features songs like ’40s N 9s’ and ‘Notti Gang,’. However, it’s the title track, ‘Letter 2 Notti,’ that truly stands out. The song is a heartfelt tribute to DD Osama’s late brother, Notti Osama, and it’s clear that DD Osama poured his heart and soul into the lyrics.

The song has resonated with fans and fellow artists alike. Lil Tjay, a fellow rapper, commented on the song in an interview with XXL Magazine, saying, “I definitely think DD Osama made a classic with that one.” Lil Durk also praised the song on social media, writing, “DD Osama a real one.”

DD Osama’s music is not only powerful and meaningful, but it’s also incredibly popular. His latest single, ‘Upnow,’ with Coi Leray, has already amassed over 3 million views on YouTube in just two weeks. DD Osama’s rise to fame has been meteoric, but he remains grounded and focused on his goals.

DD Osama – Upnow ft. Coi Leray

DD Osama’s success has not gone unnoticed by music critics and publications. In a recent article by Rolling Stone, writer Jon Freeman described DD Osama as “a voice for his generation, a talented artist who has already achieved so much at such a young age.” Freeman went on to praise DD Osama’s music, saying that “his songs are both catchy and introspective, offering a glimpse into the mind of a young man who has seen his share of struggles and hardships.”

DD Osama’s success and resilience have earned him a net worth of $100,000, according to Famous Age, but he remains committed to his roots and his community. He plans to continue collaborating with other artists, performing live shows, and giving back to Harlem and the OY collective.


DD Osama is not just a rapper; he is a survivor. He has overcome adversity and tragedy to become one of the most promising and exciting artists in the rap game. He has turned his sorrow into success and his trauma into triumph. He has proven that nothing can stop him from achieving his dreams and reaching his destiny.

If you haven’t yet discovered the magic of DD Osama’s music, be sure to check out his YouTube channel and Spotify profile—you won’t be disappointed.

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