Dax Drops The Conscious Single Propaganda ft Tom MacDonald

by Marcus Adetola

17th September, 2021

Dax drops Propaganda, the first single of his long-awaited album featuring Tom MacDonald, highlighting the sign of the times. There’s a keen awareness to ask questions of what would have been foregone conclusions in the past. Propaganda is relevant and relatable as Dax asks does the truth matter anymore?

Dax makes music more than just audio art but taps into the strengths of visual representation to accentuate the depth of his songs. However, lyrically Dax is a force to reckon with, and he does not disappoint here, spitting conscious bars that resonate with the times. Tom MacDonald backs him up on this track, adding an extra depth to the subject matter. If you haven’t heard about the hugely talented Dax, Propaganda is a good starting point.

Propaganda is out now.

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