Courtney Govan Drops The Anthemic Out Of The Blue

by Amariah Elliott

9th April, 2022

Courtney Govan is a 26-year-old pop vocalist from San Diego, California. Previous hit, Serotonin, went global on TikTok and placed her on her first Spotify editorial playlist, Fresh Finds Pop.

New single out of the blue is an optimistic heartbreak song about a relationship that held Courtney back from living life on the edge. Once it ended, she came out of the “blue” symbolising her state of mind and she started living her life to the fullest.

Courtney’s methodological approach to songwriting introduces a unique edge to today’s pop songs. She uses her personal life experiences to connect with her fans and help them get through some tough times that life throws their way.

The catchy and anthemic out of the blue will take the globe by storm with its message and ear-worm of a melody.

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