Cole LC’s Slowly (Hope You’re Not A Tory) A Fresh Blend of R&B And Sociopolitical Commentary

by Marcus Adetola

29th June, 2023

Cole LC's Slowly (Hope You're Not a Tory) A Fresh Blend of R&B and Sociopolitical Commentary

Leeds-based artist Cole LC is making waves with his latest track, Slowly (Hope You’re Not a Tory). This gem of a song is a heady concoction of R&B and pop, served up with a side of biting political commentary that hits all the right notes.

Its seamless fusion of genres with a mid-tempo instrumental backdrop provides a rhythmic backbone that perfectly complements Cole LC’s smooth, soulful vocals. The end result is a catchy R&B track that you can’t help but tap your foot to, even as the lyrics encourage you to engage with the material on a deeper level.

The song’s lyrical depth extends beyond politics, though. As per Cole LC, “Slowly is a song about adjusting to another person—the lengths we go to to fit in or please someone in order to be in their life.” This nuanced perspective adds layers to the song, making it relatable on a personal and societal level.

Cole LC – Favourite Version Cover

Slowly (Hope You’re Not a Tory) is part of Cole LC’s new EP, Favourite Version. In the current landscape of music, where artists are increasingly using their platforms to voice their views, Cole LC has managed to create a unique sound that’s both distinctive and topical.

In essence, Slowly (Hope You’re Not a Tory) is an intelligent, infectious R&B/pop blend that offers more than just a catchy tune.

It’s a track that stimulates the mind and soothes the soul, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a musical experience that’s both profound and pleasurable.

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