Closer Is An Intimate Release From Tommy Ashby

by Emma Reynolds

14th July, 2022

Closer Is An Intimate Release From Tommy Ashby

A gentle, and wistful piano opens this stunning new track Closer from Tommy Ashby. The song tells the story of growing close to someone you love. “you’d find the gold in a coal mine“. 

The new single is produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Sam Okell who has worked with Ashby on other musical ventures. Ashby is inspired by the countryside which is evident from the music video as he runs through a vast landscape and is desperately looking toward his destination. The road seems endless, and Ashby keeps going, reflecting his desperation to get closer to that certain someone. Tommy Ashby is originally from the Scottish borders and spent some time living in London before settling more recently in Suffolk where his inspirations turned to relationships with friends and family and how places have a certain significance to them.

Tommy Ashby discusses his new single, “I wrote this song after coming back from a tour in the US. It was weird because although I was in one of the most beautiful places I’d ever seen, driving up Big Sur with big skies and sunsets, I was counting the days to get home. These places have so much more meaning when there is someone you want to share them with. When you are with that person they can make anywhere feel like home.

I wanted to create an intimate atmosphere for this song. In London, we lived next to a park, and I can remember warm summer nights and the smell of the trees and the earth. That timeless feeling you can get when are with someone and it feels like you are the only two people awake in the world.

Closer will be featured on Ashby’s debut album Lamplighter which is set for release in March 2023. His music is frequently featured in Spotify editorial and played on TV shows such as Love Island, Riviera, Greys Anatomy and Silent Witness. The final track from the Lay Low EP; Happy Just To Know was chosen as the sync to a major television campaign for Dutch supermarket, PLUS.

Listen to the beautiful Closer out now.

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